Body Contact and Checking Clinic – Two - SOLD OUT!

Camp Description:

Versatile Hockey’s checking clinic is primarily designed for players entering their first year of Bantam hockey, but all Peewee and Bantam players are eligible to participate. The clinic will consist of 6 sessions teaching proper fundamentals of body contact, body checking, angling and stick checking. The clinic is geared to teach and improve proper technique, safety and efficient basics and essentials. Each of the sessions will help players develop their confidence in physical situations, improve their all-around performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. Our instructors will teach important concepts such as angling, positioning, contact confidence, proper stick checks, safety, and awareness. Body contact is a huge part of hockey and is a skill just like skating, passing and shooting. It’s imperative that players learn how to give and receive a check. *** Please Read Cancellation Policy*** 


See Schedule Below (6 Dates) . 

7/62021 - 6:10pm - 7:10pm

7/8/2021 - 5:50pm - 6:50pm

7/13/2021 - 5:50pm - 6:50pm

7/15/2021 - 5:50pm - 6:50pm

7/20/2021 - 5:50pm - 6:50pm

7/22/2021 - 5:50pm - 6:50pm