Versatile Pre-Season Training Enrichment

With the season around the corner, this is the pre-season training series of all training clinics. All players will be challenged through a variety of drills with the main focus being on proper skating techniques, stride efficiency, explosive movements (stops/starts, quick starts, transitions, pivots, turning) with a major emphasis to push player’s aerobic thresholds. All sessions will include puck skills such as puck control, passing/receiving passes at full speed, and shooting at full speed/in traffic and much more. Player’s skills will be tested each session during high speed drills incorporating all aspects of the game; skating, puck skills and thinking. The program also include Zone Responsibilities, Offensive and Defensive Drills, and Game Concepts that will help players refine their positioning abilities and strategic skills so they can excel in every aspect of the game. These techniques are mastered through repetition and practiced under controlled and supervised situations. Quite simply, we believe in long-term development methodology. Details are everything!  We are deliberate, precise, and totally effective, helping each student build a solid foundation that they can develop over the course of their hockey or skating careers.

Email For Session Details and Schedule for Enrichment Program.