Intense Skating and Hockey Skills

Camp Detail: 

This intense camp is designed for Elite/AAA players only! Students will be challenged and pushed to the edge of their ability. Each drill will be demonstrated at a high level of difficulty. Students will be expected to focus, visualize and execute a wide variety of challenging Skating and Hockey drills. The program also include Zone Responsibilities, Offensive and Defensive Drills, and Game Concepts that will help players refine their positioning abilities and strategic skills so they can excel in every aspect of the game. These techniques are mastered through repetition and practiced under controlled and supervised situations. Quite simply, we believe in long-term development methodology. Details are everything!  We are deliberate, precise, and totally effective, helping each student build a solid foundation that they can develop over the course of their hockey or skating careers.

Daily Schedule:

 * 10-minute rest period between one-ice session.  This will allow players to rest, have a snack and drink.  

* Coach(es) will be assigned to locker room to supervise and assist with equipment.