Complete Skating and Hockey Skills

Camp Detail: 

This camp will focus on improving the overall skating and hockey skills of beginner to advanced players. The program will include all the essential skills of skating, (including proper stride technique & edge control), stickhandling, passing, puck protection, and both offensive and defensive deception. Each skill will be broken down and then complimented by drills that will force students to use the skills being taught over the course of the camp duration. Students will be challenged to perform drills that require discipline and focus. This will ensure improvement by challenging each player to work outside of their comfort zone. These techniques are mastered through repetition and practiced under controlled and supervised situations. Quite simply, we believe in long-term development methodology. Details are everything!  We are deliberate, precise, and totally effective, helping each student build a solid foundation that they can develop over the course of their hockey or skating careers.

Daily Schedule:

 * 10-minute rest period between one-ice session.  This will allow players to rest, have a snack and drink.  

* Coach(es) will be assigned to locker room to supervise and assist with equipment.